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16 Mar Today's
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Finance Equipment From
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*The Interest Rate is calculated on a Secured Loan for business use, effective 23/03/2023 and subject to change. WARNING: The interest rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts may result in a different interest rate.

Comparison Interest Rates Across Our Finance Portfolio

Refer to our handy and comprehensive interest rate chart to compare the rates we are currently achieving and offering across our loan portfolio. Compare the repayments on Chattel Mortgage with Leasing, Rent-to-Own against Leasing, see what your repayments may be on a general secured or unsecured commercial loan. It’s free to use and essential in your asset acquisition and lending tool kit. For a firm quote, contact us with your brief.

Loan Amount
Loan Term
New Equipment Loan
2.79% Starts At
Monthly repayment
Used Older Secured Equipment Loan
4.50% Starts At
Monthly repayment
Business Loans - Unsecured
7.99% Starts At
Monthly repayment
Business Loans - Secured
2.95% Starts At
Monthly repayment
Overdraft - Non Bank
9.95% Starts At
Monthly repayment
Chattel Mortgage
2.79% Starts At
Monthly repayment
Operating Leases
4.60% Starts At
Monthly repayment
Commercial Hire Purchase
2.79% Starts At
Monthly repayment
Rent To Own
9.95% Starts At
Monthly repayment
Loan Product Interest Rate
Starts at:
Monthly Repayment
New Equipment Loan 2.79%
Used Older Secured Equipment Loan 4.50%
Business Loans - Unsecured 7.99%
Business Loans - Secured 2.95%
Overdraft - Non Bank 9.95%
Chattel Mortgage 2.79%
Operating Leases 4.60%
Commercial Hire Purchase 2.79%
Rent To Own 9.95%
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Disclaimer: This chart displays the interest rates that are currently being offered by commercial lenders for different types of loan products. The purpose in providing this resource is to allow users to compare loan types. Use of the calculator is not a form of loan application. Generating a repayment estimate does not indicate a loan offer. A repayment estimate does not indicate approval of a loan application. All lender and broker fees and charges have not been formulated into the computations. Any lending offer made to you may be at a different interest rate and have a different repayment from the values shown in the table.

Why Use A Business Finance Broker?

A broker for business loans has become an integral for business owners and operators. With the emergence of new commercial lenders on the financial scene, the tightening of lending restrictions by some of the major banks and time pressures on business people, sourcing cost-effective, tailored financial solutions for asset acquisitions and other purposes can be challenging for commercial operators to handle themselves.

We save businesses time, a lot of hassle and have the ability to tap into lending sources which are only accessible by the industry. 

Our services are available to all sized businesses. You don’t need to have a huge operation to access professional broker services. In fact, small business loan Australia lenders will undertake bargaining power and research all the options and resources. 

Busines Loan Broker Services

A broker provides businesses with an independent, financing-sourcing service. Commercial brokers are accredited with a selection of banks and lenders, referred to as their lending panel. The financial institutions must accept each broker and extend the accreditation to access their lending facilities on behalf of their clients.

Depending on individual brokers, the services include:

  • Take your brief as to your requirements and objectives.
  • Canvass their lending panel for quotes for your loan.
  • Utilise industry-only lenders.
  • Negotiate on behalf of their client to achieve the cheapest interest rate and the most attractive loan terms and conditions.
  • Present the client with a quote and on acceptance, will proceed to finalise the finance contract and in some cases, assist clients with the paperwork.
  • All broker fees and charges must be disclosed to the client. Fees may vary.

Commercial Loan Broker Benefits

Establishing a great working relationship with your preferred broker for your business can be an extremely valuable asset.

  • Access to a greater range of lender options which translates into more choices and the cheapest deals.
  • Access to industry-only lender sources not available to the general public.
  • Saves time by handing over the task to an independent broker that is working only in your interests.
  • Saves the hassle of having to contact numerous providers, study the quotes, compare terms and conditions, negotiate on rates and deal with a load of paperwork.
  • An independent broker is working in your best interests so they have the flexibility to tailor your finance to suit your requirements not necessarily meet strict guidelines as imposed by the banks.
  • The expert and professional brokers have significant bargaining power in their sectors of operation. Those that write a lot of business with certain lenders, will have more chances to negotiate you a better deal than if you attempt to do that yourself.

Selecting a Broker for a Business

There are many companies offering finance brokering services and it is important that you select the individual or company that you consider will best deliver the outcomes you need.

Here’s a few tips on selecting a broker:-

  • Specialist experience in your industry is preferable but not essential.
  • Accreditation with many banks and lenders. The greater the number of accreditations and the quality of those lenders, is a sign of the high regard that broker is considered in the industry.
  • Experience in financing the category of goods/assets you require a loan to acquire. For example, home mortgage brokers tend to specialise in home mortgages but are not experienced in loans and other commercial finance.
  • The broker must be licensed with ASIC as a credit licensee. This is essential and you need to ask for their Australian Credit Licence (ACL) which you can verify through ASIC.
  • Member of the FBAA (Finance Brokers Association of Australia) is preferable.
  • Being located in your geographical area is not essential as broker services are predominantly conducted by phone and email.

We can connect you with highly professional brokers which tick all the selection criteria above.

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Business Finance Broker FAQs

When requiring a loan, commercial operations have the choice of either handling the process themselves or engaging the services of a professional lending broker to undertake the task on their behalf. Apart from saving you time and a lot of hassle, a finance broker brings many other key advantages to the process. We’ve address a number of poignant questions here so you are fully across the role of a broker. To discuss your lending requirements, contact us today.

I have a financial advisor and accountant, why do I need a finance broker?   

The role of a lending broker is distinctly different from that of an accountant and an advisor. Licensed, professional commercial brokers are specifically tasked with sourcing, securing and structuring lending deals for their customers. They are not tasked with, nor are they positioned to, advise individual commercial on aspects relating to the loan objectives and accounting practices of their organisation. The role of an accountant is primarily to prepare the accounts and carry out other lending matters as requested by their clients. Some accountants are also advisors. Lending advisors can be a general role of advising on investments and superannuation or have more targeted tasks. The lending broker has accreditations with banks and lenders which provide them with the right and the access to source lending for their customers. Your broker will source you quotes and will advise you to discuss with your accountant which particular product to select. Astute commercial operators with regular and ongoing requirements typically establish strong working relationships with their broker while retaining accountants to handle the other matters.

Can small businesses use finance brokers?   

Yes definitely. The services of brokers are not elitist and reserved for only large corporations. Commercial owners and operators of all sized operations are welcome to utilise the services of a broker to secure them the cheapest deal. This includes sole traders, SMEs, owner operators, partnerships and the large corporates. In many instances the smaller operations realise even greater benefits from the services of a broker than larger organisations. Small entities rarely have significant bargaining power with their bank to negotiate on interest rates or loan conditions. Nor can they often spare the time required to thoroughly research the lending market to source the best loan. A broker uses their strong bargaining power and their vast lender panel to source the cheapest loan on behalf of their clients.

Do I need to choose what lender I want?   

No you do not have to nominate a bank or lender when working with a broker, but you can if you choose. Your broker will be sourcing you the cheapest loan offer from across many banks and lenders and bringing you the best offer to consider. They will usually have access to lenders that only work with industry so you would not be able to access them or perhaps of even heard of them. So a broker will open up new channels for you. However, if you have specific reasons for wanting your bank or a particular lender to provide your loan but you don’t want to handle the negotiations, your broker can approach your bank on your behalf and handle the arrangements.

How can a broker secure me a better loan than if I apply myself?   

A commercial lending broker offers a large number of benefits and advantages to customers, especially when compared with the commercial owner handling their financing themselves. The key points include saving you time and a lot of hassle. Researching and contact sufficient banks and lenders to get enough quotes to compare properly, can be an extremely time-consuming process. In some cases it will require you to apply for a loan (obligation-free) just to get a quote. Multiple applications for lending can reflect poorly on a credit report. A broker handles all that quickly and efficiently as they have the resources and the contacts across the lending market. Brokers also bring sharp negotiating skills and strong bargaining power to negotiate on rates and loan conditions. Attributes that few organisations possess. In addition, they can open special lender channels to their customers. These are the specialist non-bank lenders that do not deal directly with organisations but only through a select group of brokers. These lenders can be more flexible with lending terms and rates and deliver a better deal.

How do I select a good finance broker?    

There are many brokers operating in Australia but selecting the one that is best suited to your requirements is key to securing the best loan. Some will operate in medium-large corporate structures and some will operate as individuals. Most operate with an online business model so it is not important that the broker be located near you. Ensure they are fully licensed to provide broker services. Check their membership and qualifications at the FBAA. Ask who their lenders are and ensure they have a large number so you are assured your interests will be well-served. Check their expertise in securing loans in your industry or for the purpose you require. A home loan broker for example may have great expertise in home loans but not the right expertise to source commercial lending. Contact us to discuss your requirements.
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